Revenue Cycle Analytics

Healthcare reform requires aligning cost of care to patient outcome. To do that successfully, providers will need new levels of business intelligence to identify and correct immediate business issues and to predict and mitigate future impacts to revenue streams.

Optimize reimbursement and improve efficiency with actionable insight

MedAssets Revenue Cycle Analytics provide the insight and knowledge needed to help drive action and results. The solution presents a comprehensive and relevant summary of key metrics designed to improve financial, clinical and operational performance. Its capabilities  enhance insight across the enterprise — from executives to front-line associates — to more effectively identify trends, determine actionable insights and analyze data in a meaningful way to manage their respective areas of the business more effectively.

  • Unlock valuable revenue cycle data and leverage MedAssets reimbursement expertise
  • Focus resources on analysis, not data orchestration
  • Enable executives and analysts to identify trends, improve efficiency and optimize reimbursement, ultimately preparing for the impact of value-based reimbursement

Products and Services

A/R Analytics

A/R Analytics consolidates financial and patient data from various financial systems to provide visibility and insights into the organization’s account receivables. The web-based application combines dashboards, standard reports and ad hoc reporting capabilities into a powerful analytics solution, making it easier for organizations to monitor and manage their accounts receivables. Organizations will save countless hours spent compiling, cleansing and mastering data, building and supporting interfaces and producing and distributing reports. A/R Analytics empowers healthcare providers to reduce revenue leakage, increase staff productivity, maximize net revenue and accelerate cash flow.

Contract Analytics

Contract Analytics accesses critical reimbursement information available in Contract Management and your patient accounting system and automates the data feed process. You gain access to reimbursement, financial and payor analysis for actionable insight and key decisions. This consolidated approach gives refreshed, actionable insight on a daily basis to help you analyze valuable information. The result is targeted focus on issues that need immediate attention, while leveraging data from multiple sources to identify opportunities that have the greatest impact on the revenue cycle performance.